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Central Rome Apartments

I already started looking at apartments for Rome. I am using airbnb for this stay. I haven’t used them yet, so this will be my 1st time. I think it feels more like you are a part of the city if you rent a little cute apartment with character as opposed to a room in a hotel. You can choose to book a room or an entire apartment. I am picking an entire apartment for myself. I also need a little kitchen, a small fridge, heating, and wi-fi. The apartments I am looking at are all in the very heart of Rome so getting around should be quiet easy. Every now & then I will share with you some great finds I found on the airbnb website. This 1st apt is super cute and big enough for 1 or 2 people. The cost per night is €70 for 1 person & €35 extra for another person. It is located close to the Vatican City.


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