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Music of the World: Oceania Week:Fiji


This beautiful destination is made up of 332 islands.  It is known for it’s coral reefs, volcanic mountains, and tropical waters.  Out of 332, 110 are inhabited . Vita Levu and Vanue Levu hold 87% of the 860,000 residence.  Here you will find some of the most majestic beaches and fantastic resorts.  This relaxing destination is great for any honeymoon or anniversary getaway. The white sandy beaches, warm water, and tranquil environment will have you in peaceful spirits.  Hike the falls of Taveuni, more specific the 60ft Taveuni waterfalls. Scuba Dive to see the historic coral reefs, or even swimming with the stingrays is loads of fun for the whole family.

The people of Fiji are amazing.  While there take the time to meet the locals.  They are welcoming and will love to have you take part in a sevu-sevu ceremony (meaning gift giving).  That is followed by kava drinking and dancing with glass skirted warriors.  While on other side of the island of Vitu Levu, a tribe called Sawau does traditional fire-walking ceremonies.  Watch the warriors walk over burning lovo.  It will be a trip you’ll never forget! [info from Unique Vacation which you should definitely check out]




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