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WIN a trip for 2 to Quito, Ecuador


I have just returned home from my evening hike & I saw this amazing email on my phone:

Hi Jelena,

I think you can agree with us, there is nothing better than travel…except travel on someone else’s dime! We have partnered up with Timbuk2, LAN Airlines and Quito Tourism to give you the opportunity to WIN two spots on our Highlights of Ecuador trip, a Timbuk2 luggage suite and a 3 day guided tour of Ecuador’s brilliant capital, Quito.


5 Things you might not know about Quito

1. Quito is exactly in the middle of the world at latitude 00’00”
2. It was the first capital city to declare that nature has constitutional rights
3. Rising straight out of the city is Pichincha, an active volcano that last erupted in 1999
4. Home to several rose plantations, Quito makes Ecuador one of the world’s top rose producers
5. The city is the 2nd highest world capital at 9,350 feet

So of course, I want to share this with you, so you can win this amazing trip for 2! Please read the official rules. You do have to be a US resident, unfortunately. Technically I am, but since I live in Europe now, I’m pretty sure I don’t qualify.  For a chance to win, just fill out this simple quick form: Enter to win a trip for two to Quito, Ecuador

Good Luck Everyone! 😀


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