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Music of the World: Caribbean Week: Cuba


Happy Friday, Happy Weekend & a Warm Welcome to Caribbean Week!
This week I will be covering the Caribbean, starting with Cuba.

Sadly, I haven’t tasted Cuban cuisine yet, but I gotta say I love Café Cubano & Cuban Cigars. The first time I had these 2 together was in Florida & it was June. It must have been around lunch time, and I didn’t have lunch just yet. Instead I ordered a Cuban Espresso & loved it so much, that I walked back into the coffee shop & asked for another. The taste of bitter espresso & the sweetness of sugar was unforgettable.

The combination of the sweet espresso, Cuban cigars & the humidity in June all got to me a bit, and I briefly felt nauseous. I recovered during lunch and hit the beach after.
I will never forget the taste of Café Cubano, it’s amazing! 🙂


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