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S&G Quick Guide to Zurich

If you have a Zurich layover or an overnight stay, or you are going for a weekend, check this out 🙂

wpid-photo-2011-12-02-609-pm Welcome to Zurich!

Zurich – the largest city in Switzerland and perhaps more importantly home to the Lindt chocolate factory.

Having backpacked through Switzerland and never seen more than Zurich’s Banhhof Station, I was pretty excited to recently have an extended stopover to explore the city. Whilst I would definitely recommend at least an overnight stay, I still managed to cram in as much as I could – so much so, I’ve put together the S&G very quick guide to Zurich. So grab yourself a hot chocolate and settle in…

  • If you arrive by plane, getting to Zurich city centre from the Airport is easy-peasy. Simply follow the signs to the Train Station and buy yourself a ticket (I got a return ticket but you can also get a Zurich CARD which offers 24hr travel on the city’s transport system and admission to some of the city’s attractions). With your train ticket in hand, jump on the next train…

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