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Win a 7 day trip to your 2015 Travel Destination

What’s your 2015 Travel Destination? Take the Quiz Now

I got St. Lucia, which is definitely a place I’m visiting in the future. The winner will receive a 7 night trip accommodation to their selected “Best in Travel” destination, accommodation of their choice of hotel & Airfare, round trip economy class for 2 with a total value of $10,000. Good Luck!


Result: St Lucia

When you travel, powder-white sand and turquoise seas are guaranteed. And heck, we think you’ve earned them this year. You work hard and play hard, so who could blame you for hunting out the nearest hammock on holiday? St Lucia tweaks all your Caribbean island fantasies, and its volcanic peaks and misty tropical rainforests look beautiful (from the beach). Maybe you’ll even find time to scuba dive or explore St Lucia’s quaint fishing villages… cocktail commitments permitting, of course.


  1. My result was Singapore. Heeee. I am most likely moving to Taipei in January and I plan to travel around East and South East Asia depending on how much I can save during my year long internship in Taipei, so who knows, I may head there. hehe. Although, if I do save enough, Japan is first on my list.

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  2. How exciting! 😀 Far East is on my list too. Would definitely love to work & live there for a year at least & travel around to different areas. You must be super excited for January 😀 I hope you save enough for Japan, I hear it’s amazing!

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    • Yes, so excited. But there are some VISA delays. I hope that works out soon 😀 I have a few close friends in Taiwan and Japan. They say it is quite easy to travel between the two countries. I don’t think they need VISAs to visit each other but I will need. Argh. 😛

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      • I hope the Visa delays work out for you, so you are all ready for the trip after that gets settled. Dealing with papers can be a hassle but it’s all worth it in the end. Usually if a place requires some paper work prior, you know it’s worth visiting. You will have an amazing time I’m sure 😀

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