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When one door closes, a window opens..

In Search of Authenticity

and you can hear Mexicans yelling and playing guitar through it.

Yesterday I said goodbye to my dear Montreal, and thereby traded in great friends, air conditioning, snow-covered streets and croissant and bagel-filled bakeries for very loud Mexicans, inadequate bedding, sunshine and chicken quesadillas.

Bienvenida a la Ciudad de México!
First impressions:

Mexicans do not like speaking English. Many of them never learnt, and the ones that did seem to not want to practice it. My first full day in Mexico and I haven’t spoken a single word of English. I’m sure that most of the Mexicanos that I’ve spoken to would say that I didn’t really speak a word of Spanish either. Fortunately, I am unaware of how completely I’ve butchered their language in the last 24 hours, and will assuredly continue to do so.

Mexico City is extremely commercial, I would almost dare to say a rival of…

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