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Travel is the Best Education

I strongly agree with this statement. I have learned more from living in four different countries so far than I have ever learned inside a classroom. Travel expands your mind, you start to think differently. You become a great problem solver too. You will grow as a person in ways nobody but you can truly understand. You will understand how people think and you can read their mind easier. Your communication skills sharpen. You will learn so much about everything and you will understand the value and purpose of life. You will appreciate and cherish every moment you create, and you will celebrate it all.

The list on why Travel is best education is a long one, and I will most definitely create a lengthy post on this subject in the near future. Bellow is a link to 16 more images with equally as interesting content. I really hope you enjoy them 🙂

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2. Nat Kuleba

To know that you are here to live a life of bliss, excitement, and adventure. That you are here for a short time and are meant to explore the depth, wonder, and beauty of this thing called Life. To learn this and experience this from a very young age is a gift that absolutely comes from the freedom of seeing this glorious planet and the wonders on it. Travel teaches you how to live a life of total joy and passion in all that you do – it shows you the uniqueness of this world, it teaches you how to see inside and outside yourself, it expands your mind, it shows you deep appreciation for every moment, it teaches you compassion, it deepens your relationships and opens life doors for new and wondrous opportunities – it is the best form of education by any means. Travel is real school.”



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