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100 Days of Sunshine hits the 100 Country mark

I checked earlier this week how many countries 100 Days of Sunshine is viewed in and I was at the 99 country mark and wanted to do this post when I hit 100.
At 9pm on Friday local time, I was at a 112 country mark and I’m attaching a photo collage of all of those 112 countries in the order of highest viewing numbers to lowest for my blog. Since then, I’ve had a few more new countries appear, and I am adding a photo of my current country stats. I am at 120 country mark this morning. So fun to see new countries pop up in there 😀

Also at the very bottom is a World Map view of all those 120 countries so far. Thank You Viewers for helping me achieve this awesome milestone! ❤

Click on the photo bellow for a larger image


world stats map



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