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Inspirational Travel Quotes




  1. I’m so glad you got in touch with me because I discovered your lovely blog 🙂 I have this wild curiosity and inner urge to see new places and explore more of this beautiful planet we live on. I love how Travel opens your mind and gives you new perspective and wisdom you might not achieve living in one place. I feel like when you travel, and learn more, about the new place and yourself, everything becomes easier in life, you become a better problem solver and you don’t worry about the little things, you really appreciate everything more and become a better person.
    I find inspiration in many places, like internet research, travel blogs, travel groups, travel movies, stories, photos, songs about travel. I’m also a foodie so trying local food in new places is very important to me. I want to experience the everyday life in a new places, see how people live and what life is like there.
    Soon I will do a post on When I caught the travel bug and Why I travel 🙂


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