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Do you want a Free Postcard from around the World?


Michael from Starring You will send you a free postcard from one of his travels. All you gotta do is like his facebook page and send him your
address via private message. He will get back to you shortly 🙂 This is a part of the message I recently received from him:

Not everybody has the time, the means or the opportunity to travel around the world. By sending the postcards I hope to take as many
people as possible with me around the world.

I’ve just finished trips from Nairobi to Cape Town, Miami to San Francisco and through Europe, South East Asia, Korea, Japan and China.
My next trip through Germany, Poland, Malaysia, Indonesia and Taiwan has just started. I’ll make sure you will receive a nice postcard
from one of these adventurous journeys.

Please share my page with your friends on your timeline, then we can reach even more people around the world

Greetings from Chișinău, Moldova


You can also follow him on Twitter and Instagram:

Twitter: @StarringYou1
Instagram: StarringYouWorldwide

I cannot wait to receive my postcard 🙂 and I’m curious what country I will receive it from.


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