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Rainy day in Porto & the Postcard from Porto Winner

Bom Dia from Porto! It’s raining here in Porto today. I took a few quick photos with my phone earlier this morning from my loft bedroom window. I am using this bedroom for this post today, as I’m charging my phone right there in the corner, as you can see in the photo bellow 🙂

As I’m on the top floor, I can hear the sound of gentle raindrops on my rooftop, and it’s the most soothing sound ever. I can also hear the lovely church bells nearby ringing on the hour in such a sweet way, they make me smile 🙂

A very nice lady just knocked on my door and dropped off a large umbrella for me. How great is that? It’s Saturday and I’m still in my pajamas. Now that I have an umbrella I will go out and explore, but first I need to get some things from the supermarket next door.

I made a nice cup of coffee with the coffee machine provided at the apartment, which by the way is absolutely delicious! Then I created the little paper pieces with names on them for the Postcard from Porto drawing. Turns out there were 20 people in total who applied for this Postcard freebie. I turned the little pieces of paper upside down so the name is not seen and I drew one lucky winner at random with my eyes closed. The winner is shown on the photo bellow and all I ask of you is that you provide me with your address 🙂 Also since my handwriting was rushed, I will add your name bellow the photo too. The post office nearby is closed here on Saturday, so I will send out your postcard next week. That’s all for now, beijinhos from rainy Porto! xxx








Postcard from Porto Winner: Anna goes places



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