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Mini Porto Photo Post from today

…Another rainy day in Porto. The good news is that this is the last day of rain and it’s all sunshine from here on out. Today I walked around this cute little area not too far away from my apartment, took some photos there. Then I used little backstreets to slowly descent down to the Ribeira, Porto’s famous Riverfront. I decided to cross the Dom Luís bridge, from the lower pedestrian level this time, and walked along Vila Nova de Gaia riverfront (the city across the Douro river). I took some photos of Ribeira from across the river. The weather and all the walking from yesterday got me a bit sleepy, so after about 3 hours of walking I decided to call it a day. Since I have already topped up my Andante card, I took the bus back home. All the walking got me petty hungry so I went back to BB Gourmet which is directly across my apt building and I picked up their Octopus Rice dish to heat up at home and a rich Flourless Chocolate dessert. This is also what I had the first night at the apt since I got here pretty late and was super hungry from travelling. This meal is Gluten Free so it’s perfect for me. The wine in the little dessert glass is Tawny Port. This goes perfect with the chocolate dessert, and this one is Velhotes by Calem which I haven’t had before. It’s definitely rich, sweet and fruity, more than other Port types I’ve had before. That’s all for now, Beijinhos e Boa Noite 🙂







    • Yes, I absolutely agree with you! I love Porto’s colors. They definitely put a smile on your face even on a rainy day. I have tons of pretty bright photos from my first full day in Porto, which was filled with beautiful sunshine, that I have yet to post. They will be up soon, definitely within the next 10 days 🙂

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