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An incredible day in Braga

Good evening from Porto! I have just returned from my Braga daytrip a couple of hours ago. I had the most fantastic day exploring this beautiful scenic city. Braga is the third largest city of Portugal, and this beauty should most definitely be on your Portugal bucket list. Braga is absolutely stunning, beautiful and incredible! Every direction you turn in, this city will reward you with a pretty church, a castle or a monument. More posts on Braga coming soon with some beautiful photography from today’s daytrip. The weather was great here in north Portugal today! We had a full day of bright sunshine, velvety blue sky and a generous 18C degree day. It was a perfect day for sightseeing and photos and I believe I did a great job of making a use of it. I am posting a little short video for you guys of one of the areas in Braga. This area was pretty calm and quiet earlier in the day. The Church there at the starting and ending point of the video is Igreja de Santa Cruz – The Holy Cross Church. I am about to make a yummy roast here a the apartment with Bacalhau (dry salted cod) with potatoes and a nice veggie salad to go along with it. I will also add a glass of red wine from Douro region to my dinner. After dinner, I might post a few photos from today. I hope you enjoy my video, Beijinhos! xxx


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