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Funny Apartment Incidents – Porto Edition


I’ve had the Bacalhau (dry, salted cod) in my fridge for the past 3 or so days, waiting for a perfect moment to finally prepare it. I’ve seen my Portuguese flatmate cook it in London, so I didn’t look at recipes online prior. It must’ve been the hunger from my Braga daytrip that took over, because I completely forgot to wash the salt off the fish before baking it. Pretty funny right? And, it didn’t really hit me until I tried it, and finally figured out where I went wrong. My apartment at first was filled with most lovely smell, I got so excited about this meal. The fish, if you forget to wash the salt off, is so insanely salty, woooh it’s nuts! I’m naturally not really into too much salt on my food, I use natural lemon juice sometimes instead of salt to add more flavour to dishes. So, what did I do? I ate one entire plate anyways, I was hungry. I followed up with some Milka Strawberry Yogurt Chocolate to get rid of the saltiness in my mouth. Now water, then wine and all is ok. Sharing with you some photos of what was supposed to be a yummy dinner. If you make the same error, no worries, just wash the fish with water after and reheat it lightly. That’s all for now guys, Boa Noite from Porto e beijinhos!

2   UPDATE: If this happens to you, DO NOT eat the fish. You will be drinking cold water all night long. I think I’m on my 7th glass now, and the feeling of fullness is not nice.



    • If you have the salted type, then definitely soak it in water first, or wash it in cold water a few times. You can fry it, but I was out of olive oil at the apt that day. I just used veggies on hand and cooked it in the oven. When done properly it should taste quiet good. Also a stew would be nice! 🙂

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      • ahh in that case it will need seasoning hehe You could bake it with potatoes and onions or even fry it along with fries. I would add some lemon juice after on top for seasoning as well 🙂


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