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Airport Review: Larnaca International Airport

Larnaca International Airport or LCA for short is the busiest airport in Cyprus and chances are if you are visiting this beautiful island, this is where you will most likely land. I honestly cannot remember the last time I flew out from Larnaca, since it’s been a while. The airport is not very big, and it’s really easy to get to where you need to go. The Departure area was beautifully organized and really clean. I managed to take just a couple of photos before a staff member notified me in Greek that photos are not allowed. When it comes to food this small airport offers quiet a few food options. There are 3 restaurants, 2 convenience/grab and go places, 3 different bars, 2 fast food places and 6 coffee shops. For shopping, there is a large Beauty area carrying all major cosmetics and perfumes, a souvenir shop with an extensive range of authentic Cypriot products, 2 places where you can purchase fine spirits, and an electronics store. For more details on Larnaca International Airport please visit their official website here.



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