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Travel Journal: Café Duplo

On some days when I ran out of coffee at the apt, I would order Café Duplo while I was out exploring. It costs about €1.20 and it’s basically made of 2 espresso shots.
I have mine with some sugar to balance out the strong flavour of espresso. Because I’m usually on the go, I ask if the coffee place has a to go cup first, so that’s my advice for you before ordering. I found such a place on my second attempt during my daytrip in Braga. It was about 4pm and I hadn’t had any coffee yet, and I desperately needed a little pick me up. At the first coffee shop, the lady told me in Portuguese that they didn’t have to go paper cups, just regular coffee cups for dining in. Then I walked a little further and just around the corner there was a pretty fancy looking coffee shop, that looked quiet expensive. I went inside and a couple of nice friendly lady baristas helped me out with the coffee to go dilemma. Surprisingly this was where I ordered my cheapest café duplo at just €1.10

Braga Café Duplo on the go 🙂

cafe 2



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