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Greetings from sunny Cyprus

Hello Sunshine Lovers 🙂 Here’s a little update on what’s going on in my neck of the woods.

Last weekend I visited #63 from the 100 Places to see in Europe before you Die list and I’m posting a few photos bellow. This beautiful beach is located on the East side of the island and it’s my favourite beach here so far. There are still plenty of beaches to explore and I cannot wait to see them all. The most beautiful ones are located on the East and West sides of the island.


Nissi Beach


Usually there’s a sand path here connecting the beach to the island which you can cross, but today it was covered with water




How beautiful is this water? 🙂



View from the little island




The island is covered in very interesting rocky terrain as well as some wild plants and flowers


This is the Cliff diving spot which is pretty awesome. I didn’t jump as I had my camera with me, but on my next visit, I’m totally jumping from there and plan to chill on that giant flat rock on the bottom 🙂



The shades of blue are unreal. It’s so beautiful! 🙂



I have a few things to cross off of my Bucket list this summer and Paragliding will definitely be one of them. The other one is a scuba diving. I think I would love scuba diving, so I gotta get certified. Speaking of scuba diving, I just found out Cyprus has one of the Top 10 Scuba Diving sites in the World and that’s the Zenobia ship wreck site which is located off the coast of Larnaca. Zenobia Week is coming up here and there will be a free 45 minute glass bottom cruise to the wreck site and this is something I might go do.

Recently, I also had an opportunity to dine at Akakiko Japanese Restaurant at the beautiful Royal Apollonia Beach Hotel here in Limassol and I will do a little post on my Cyprus page above soon which will include more photos.

Earlier today I found some watercolour paper in my room and watercolours and just had a sudden urge to paint so that’s what I did. I forgot how happy this makes me! 🙂 I definitely gotta go stock up on supplies so I can do this more often.


I am also hunting down some paid Travel Writing gigs at the moment as well as working on other projects. I ordered some materials which should be arriving in mail early next week and I’m working on some designs for my Art Shop as well. Recently during my trip to Spain I’ve discovered just how much I enjoy being surrounded by other travellers and I realized that I prefer it over solo travel, so I’m also working on designing my own 100 Days of Sunshine Euro Tours for next year. Tomorrow I’m going to a cool fun artsy event here in Limassol and right now I’m going to take this little Lucky boy for a walk.


Wishing everybody a beautiful and fun weekend filled with plenty of sunshine! ☀ ☀ ☀



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