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Beach ☀ Travel ☀ Bags

beach bag

Hello my Dear Sunshine lovers! ☀
I hope you all had an amazing weekend filled with plenty of Sunshine ☀

This is one of my first Beach/Travel bag designs that I have just created.
I will be working on a lot more designs in the upcoming weeks. This was super fun to make but definitely a lot of work went into the process. I still have to add my blog name & location, in this case Barcelona. There will also be a Giveaway soon, and I will let you pick your favourite design for that. Just a heads up, you will have to follow me on Twitter for the Giveaway: @100daysofsun
I love using these when I travel! I only travel with my carry on and this, pretty light & easy 🙂 I am also working on a super fun Travel Book that is nothing like your regular travel book, which is super exciting! 🙂 More details about that soon.

Wishing you all a very Happy & Bright Week ahead! ☀


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