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Holidaying In England: What Are The Best Things To Do In The North?

When people think of their ideal holiday destinations in Europe, they often think of France, Spain or Switzerland. Where European holidays are concerned, these are the giants of the game. In fact, the thought of spending a bit of time in Paris is pretty appealing. Still, there is one destination that should also be on that list: England.

Okay, London might get a lot of tourism and have some great sights, but what about the rest of the country? What about the North of England? Maybe it isn’t as glamorous, but it is certainly full of character and amazing things to do.


The North of England is where some of the best trails are situated. Up North, as they like to say up North, is where you will find the beautiful Lake District and The Cairngorms, the biggest national park in Britain. Needless to say, the walking and hiking opportunities are second to none. Plus, once you have finished you can go for a ‘cheeky pint’ in a homely pub and enjoy the atmosphere and home cooked food!

Adventure Holiday

With all the nature parks around, there is the opportunity to do some extreme sports. For example, you can kayak down river rapids or go abseiling down caverns and mountain cliffs. Or, if you fancy something less extreme, Pleasure Flights Ltd offer helicopter rides overlooking the amazing Northern landscape. Looking at the Yorkshire Three Peaks from a chopper is much more relaxing than walking up them!

Watch A Game Of Football

Britain, in general, is known for its obsession with football, but the North is where the feel action takes place. The North of England is where some of the giants of world football ply their trade, such as Liverpool and Manchester United. On show are some the best players on the planet in some of the most iconic stadiums, which makes it a truly unforgettable experience. You will never forget the first time you hear the ‘Kop’ sing ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’.

Take In The Sights

The sights in the North differ than in the South, specifically from London. In London, there is Westminster, Buckingham Palace, Big Ben and Tower Bridge, and that is only the tip of the iceberg. Further north, the sights are not as well known, but they are still worth a look. If you go as far as Newcastle, you can always drop in on The Angel of The North. The Angel of The North is a huge statue that overlooks the motorway. Seriously, you have to see it to believe! Or, you head back down to Liverpool and take in some of the musical cultures of the 60s. Of course, the Beatles memorabilia around the city is huge and well worth a look. Don’t forget to pop into the Cavern Club, too, while you are in town.

The North may not be as well as polished as the South, the jewel in the crown so to speak. But, if you look close enough, you will find a few diamonds in the rough.



  1. Great Post! I spent 9 years living in Sheffield and the North is underrated. its more outdoorsy than the south, with loads of hiking trails, mountains, beaches, and cool cities like York to explore, and nightlife of Manchester! It’s a huge shame that more people don’t head up and enjoy it!

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