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BARCELONA – It wasn’t LOVE at first sight…

Unlike Rome & Porto, Barcelona wasn’t actually instant love for me. Let me explain…

For years now, people have been going on about Barcelona to me & just how amazing the city is. You will love Barcelona, You belong in Barcelona, I see you in Barcelona”…. Finally, I had an opportunity to visit the city & I was super excited & entirely filled with so many expectations from what I’ve heard from friends & read on Travel Blogs. But you know what happened when I got there instead? I was waiting for the love to kick in & I didn’t feel much of anything at first…

Because I was scheduled to see specific things via tours, there wasn’t any free time to wander around the city freely on my own. After a few days, I decided that Barcelona was all right, but I wasn’t fully impressed yet. All the obvious things I already knew about the city were there, the beautiful architecture, incredible beaches, delicious food…. but I was searching for a deeper connection.

So the first visit left me unconcluded, but luckily I was scheduled to return to the city after about 4 days. It was during this visit that I started to understand the city better & this is exactly when I also fell in love with it too. To be more specific I was on my A different Barcelona Tour & we were on a bike tour passing through the little streets of El Born area & it hit me instantly. I thought to myself, I feel it now, this is a place I can actually live in. I was madly in love with this area of Barcelona. The hippie little shops, cute boutiques, the coffee shops, little bars, everything was so intriguing and unique here.

Of course I loved La Barceloneta – the beachfront area of the city, but this was expected. I knew I would. I’m a sucker for great beaches, water sports, beach bars etc, so that was a given. Still, I thought it was incredible to have a pretty city that also had a very pretty beach area. Well done Barcelona, you truly have it all!



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