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Suitcase Essentials for a Sunshine Holiday

It’s October. The days are getting shorter. The temperature is dipping. You’re planning your escape with a holiday in the sun!

Booking a warm holiday in the sun means we need to start digging for our summer clothes. Those garments we’ve stashed up in the loft. That are now gathering dust. And creases. As the holiday approaches, it’s time to rescue that bikini! It’s time to start packing. When it’s raining outside packing your flip-flops may seem a bit surreal. Write a list of suitcase essentials to avoid leaving anything behind. Trips to Tuscany packages, tours of Sydney, or a Safari adventure. Whatever your sun-seeking destination, be ready for anything!


When the sun is shining, most of us head to the nearest water source. Sea or swimming pool; both call our name when the weather is warm. Heading for the water at the start of the season can receive a chilly reception. But dipping a toe in after a hot spell will warm the water up nicely. Bikini, tankini or a full bathing suit. Pack your personal favourite swimming costume. A week-long holiday or more necessitates at least two so you don’t spend our holiday washing clothes! Lightweight sarongs protect delicate skin from the sun’s penetrating rays. They also provide coverage for those unwanted lumps and bumps!


Before you prepare to bare, make sure you’re skin isn’t naked too. Make sure you apply a generous coating of sunscreen throughout the day. Reapply after a dip in the pool or sea. Choose a factor that’s appropriate for your skin type and will protect you during the hottest part of the day too. Coastal breezes and cloudy day often catch us out; thinking that the sun’s rays aren’t as powerful. Think again! Stay protected at all times and your skin will thank you for it.

Sun Protectors

The sun affects our eyes. It causes us to blink and squint. Squinting all day leads to headaches. Shield your eyes with a decent pair of sunglasses. These can be purchased at the duty-free for a few pounds. If you require prescription sunglasses, arrange these in advance of your holiday.

An elegant parasol or stylish umbrella provide crucial shade from the sun too. A sunhat is an essential accessory to protect your head. Choose a light coloured design as dark shades attract the sun.

Summer Clothes

Head up to the loft to retrieve those summer garments. Shorts and t-shirts are a holiday-makers uniform. Lightweight skirts, trousers and sundresses are useful additions for a smarter look.

Dining on the terrace is a common sight in holiday brochures. Don’t forget that even in hot countries, the temperatures can dip at night time. Take a light cardigan, jumper or even jacket for added warmth. Dress warmly to accommodate a coastal breeze. Simply reduce the number of layers in line with the temperature.

With beach towels and passports at the ready, you’re just a plane ride away from your sunshine holiday. Bid a fond adieu to the UK for a week or two as the autumn leaves start to fall.



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