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Day 1 – Night 1 w/ Miss Anna R.

Hey guys, I’m still here! 🙂

I got sick recently & just couldn’t focus to write anything, but I’m all good now. Actually the reason why I got sick was because 1. I didn’t have my daily fruit & veggie smoothies at the Airbnb apt by the sea & 2. We did a lot in a very short amount of time as there was no time to waste….& now I’m about to let you know all the shenanigans we got up to.

I went over to pick up Annie from the Larnaca  International Airport. I haven’t seen her in 4 years & we’ve known each other for a decade now. The airport pick up was a surprise 🙂 I actually got emotional when I saw her, crazy! Had a few tears of joy stream down my face, I couldn’t help it. We went over to our Airbnb apt first to drop off our luggage & then we checked out the beach below our apt.


Little beach below the apt

My Airbnb Room above 🙂

Ocean Basket
We went out for a coffee & a catch up after followed by a seafood dinner.

Airbnb freebies
Airbnb freebie Surprise at the apt 🙂

After our dinner we headed back to the apt, opened a bottle of wine & continued to chat. Amazing House Music was calling us from the clubs down below, but as we were both pretty exhausted, we decided to skip going out during Night 1…


Guys, for the latest updates, please go ahead and follow me on Twitter & via my FB page. I have been uploading photos there during this latest adventure, so that’s another way to see what I’m up to when I’m super busy.

Twitter: @100daysofsun
Facebook Page: 100daysofsunshine



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