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Day 2: Part 1: Mediterranean

If you missed the previous post: Day 1 – Night 1 w/ Miss Anna R. then go ahead & check that out first then continue here…

We started Day 2 pretty much like every following day, breakfast on our beautiful bright balcony with the view of the glistening Mediterranean Sea inviting us over with each sparkle!


Here are a few more photos of our Airbnb Apt by the Sea here in Limassol, Cyprus

airbnb apt

Living Room view from the Kitchen

airbnb apt

North (Street) View from the Bathroom Window

airbnb balcony

Looking up on the Balcony 🙂

  • If you haven’t used Airbnb yet, then I highly recommend it! You can save tons of money by renting a beautiful apt with full amenities, whether you plan to travel for business or pleasure this is definitely the way to go! For all you Newbies here is a little Coupon for you when you Sign Up with Airbnb: Airbnb Invite

After Breakfast & Coffee, it was time for our Mediterranean Dip aka Morning Shower. With the Sea just 10m from the apt building, this was our morning ritual! We agreed we would visit a different beach every day, wear a different bikini each time & of course capture Bikini Selfies every day 🙂

It was time to pick out our Bikinis for our first beach day 🙂

A's Bikinis

☀ Anna’s Bikinis

J's Bikinis

☀ Jelena’s Bikinis


Beach Ready

We hit up 2 immediate beaches right below the apt to make up for the lost beach time yesterday. One was more rocky & one more sandy. I think this is when the Russian Invasion first started…5 minutes into the water & this older fella swims by us & immediately asks without any hesitation in Russian: Russian Ladies? This of course continued throughout the entire trip which we both found pretty amusing! 🙂 But more on that later…


Beach 1


Beach 1

Beach 1

Beach 2

Beach 2

Beach 2

Beach 2

Beach 2




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