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2016 Travel Outline

This is what the 2016 Travel Outline looks like at the moment. Things change on the go, so I really don’t know where I will be when the actual month comes along. Some events I’m pretty sure I will be at like TBEX Europe 🙂 I miss all of my new friends from TBEX Europe 2015 & cannot wait to be reunited with them again in a new European Country.


  1. January: Birthday in Rome, Italy
  2. February: Open
  3. March: Open
  4. April: London Visit & Traverse Event in Cardiff, Wales [Originally was supposed to be 1 month in Bali, Indonesia which was postponed due to conflicting schedules]
  5. May: Open
  6. June: Open
  7. July: TBEX Europe 2015 + Helsinki, Finland as well as other nearby Scandinavian countries which I haven’t visited: Norway & Denmark
  8. August: Open
  9. September: Ibiza
  10. October: Open
  11. November: Latin America
  12. December: Latin America

That’s the basic outline, but it changes constantly. A big Music Festival is on my Bucket List as well, so I would love to do that & cross over to Brazil via Canary Islands on the Digital Nomad Cruise, also on my Bucket List, since I’m skipping this year… Whatever catches my eye, I will be sure to pursue it! 🙂



  1. WOW! Sounds like a year filled with excitement! You and I most definitely have similar passions-sun and fun chasing! You mentioned music fest as a bucket list…and I see August is open! Might I suggest Shambhala in BC? Maybe we will run into one another. 😉

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    • I need to create a new 2016 outline hehe I’m starting from Bali for 30 days & going wherever to next after that….Would love to do Ibiza next year or Tomorrowland during summer – will be back in Asia in the fall again


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