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Why We Love Safaris And You Should Too!

Holidays are the perfect opportunity to see and experience things that you don’t have the chance to normally do in life, and there’s no better way to take yourself out of the ordinary than taking a safari.

Here are some of the reasons why going on safari should be on your Bucket List.

Once in a Lifetime Experiences

One of the fundamental features of a great vacation is creating lifelong memories. What could be a better way to build those golden experiences than seeing beautiful animals in their natural habitats?

In addition to that, you’ll get to see spectacular sunsets while also enjoying the extreme comfort of spending a few nights in a luxury lodge. What more could you ever want?

The Weather

Let’s face it, adverse weather conditions can throw a major spanner into the works. The whole world feels better when the sun is shining. You’re virtually guaranteed high levels of heat when travelling across Africa’s greatest safaris.

It does, of course, mean that you’ll have to take extra care of your skin. But there’s no doubt that the pleasant heat is another great selling point for this type of vacation. I’m not going to complain about the post holiday tan either!


The first thing that you think about on safari is animals. However, this type of trip is also a fantastic way to learn about different people and their cultures.

Music plays a vital role in these parts of the world. While you’ll all know that I love my South American music, I must admit that the African vibes can get me dancing too. As well as the music, there’s also art, crafts and loads of other factors to capture the imagination. Soak it in!


I don’t know about you, but I like to feel like my holiday experiences are unique. This is something that safari trips offer in abundance. This is especially if you take a safari drive option.

Meanwhile, the wildlife is never going to produce two days that are the same. Therefore, every trip is unique. Furthermore, you can make it as comfortable or as natural as you like. Even if you’re quite a picky traveller, this is a brilliant option for your next trip.


I do enjoy a few days of recharging the batteries by the pool. But I must admit, those types of holidays can get a little boring. I mean, how many times have you returned from a two week holiday knowing that 10 days would’ve been long enough? Exactly.

That’s never going to be a problem on a safari as every day serves up a new adventure. Whether it’s seeing elephants or exploring new terrain, it’s almost impossible to run out of things to do. And just think of all those holiday stories.


The holiday itself might only last a short while. But those memories will last forever. There’s no better way to capture those moments than through holiday snaps. And the backdrop of a safari is going to produce the greatest photos imaginable.

Whether they become canvases or computer screen savers, it doesn’t matter. Every time you see them, they will remind you of the phenomenal holiday you enjoyed. It’s the trip that keeps on giving!



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