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6 Awesome Animals To See On Safari

The time has never been better to take a safari trip. Unfortunately, more and more species are becoming endangered due to illegal poaching. It’s a terrible situation. If you want to see these wonderful creatures in their natural habitat, you should go soon before it’s too late.

Vacations are all about experiencing new cultures and surroundings. And believe me, there’s nothing more captivating than taking a safari. It’s filled with once in a lifetime experiences. Every day becomes a new adventure.  You’re never short of things to see and do. In truth, you probably won’t want to come home again!

Safari trips can be a little more costly, but you can’t put a price on the things you’ll experience. Price may vary depending on the location, so it’s worth having a shop around. With that being said, let’s take a look at some of the animals you can expect to see on your trip, and what makes them so marvelous.


Herds of buffalo gather around watering holes for protection. They are quite often mistaken as prey in the wild, but did you know that statistically they are one of Africa’s deadliest animals? They often get the best of lions during attacks, unless they are significantly outnumbered. However, like elephants, they are peaceful if left alone.


This one you’ll only find unique to the desert. We’ve all seen camels portrayed on movies and TV. Getting the chance to ride one of these fantastic animals through the desert, though, is a great experience. It’s worth taking the trip to see these creatures, among other things. Desert safari price can be cheaper than regular safari, so it may be a more appealing option to you.


With the ivory market being so popular, elephant populations are sadly dwindling. Trust me, you want to see this beautiful creature up close. Only then can you truly appreciate its sheer size. They are peaceful animals as long as they don’t feel threatened, so keeping a bit of distance between you is a good idea.


You know the old saying ‘a leopard never changes its spots?’ It’s true. You can find them in all the same places. Leopards can be difficult to spot while on safari, so you’ll need a keen eye and your wits about you. Their coat makes them hard to see from a distance, and they often hide in trees in order to see their surroundings. Contrary to their image, they’re actually quite shy creatures. Your best chance of spotting them is at a watering hole.


Perhaps the biggest tourist attraction of all. It seems like everyone wants to see a pride of lions in their natural habitat. What you need to be aware of is that lions typically spend most of their days resting. They only really become active when it’s time to hunt. However, seeing them basking under the rays of the sun is a spectacular sight indeed!


The African Rhino comes in both black and white. Black rhinos are much rarer now having been the victims of poaching, but white rhinos are still in abundance. Rhinos are massive animals with a short fuse, so always keep your distance and never approach them. If you’re desperate to see a black rhino, try researching areas where they have been reintroduced to the wild.

Everyone would love the chance to see Africa’s “Big 5” in their lifetime. Which animals would you like to spot while on safari?


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