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Day 2: Part 2: Molos & Marina

If you missed the previous posts, make sure you check them out below.

After the beach, we went over to the nearby store to pick up some water since we were running low. We also picked up some Aloe Vera drinks to boost our hydration after the beach.

aloe drinks

The plan was to head over to the Limassol Marina and have lunch there, but we were both starving so we went over to the nearby restaurant for some sushi lunch first.

sushi lunch.jpg

After our lunch, we went back to the apartment to shower and get ready, then took the #30 bus to the downtown seafront area. We got off at Molos which is a big seaside park & promenade and walked along the entire boardwalk. When got hungry again so we purchased some delicious grilled corn on the cob.

LimassolLimassol Cyprus
palm treescorncorn 2corn selfie

I’ve made a short video on Molos, but have no idea how to add it in the new WordPress editor, so if anyone knows the trick, please let me know in the comment section below.

Video: Molos, Limassol

After the boardwalk, we went over to the Limassol Marina for a little stroll and then headed over to Caffe Nero for some coffee and chill time.

boatsfishing boat
Limassol Marinasmile selfieAnnie.jpghappinessCoffee selfie

..and now I’m going to let you in on a little secret. Guess what? Blondes do have more fun, a lot more fun indeed! 🙂

Video: Caffe Nero

After our very long chill coffee break, it was dinner time so we walked over to Cafe Calma for some yummy food. They have a really cool shisha cocktail menu over there. At this point, Annie hasn’t tried any lamb on the island, so I suggested for her to order lamb. Our server was super friendly here. 🙂

calma caffe.jpgshishashisha menucafe calma dinner.jpgcafe calma.jpgme at dinner

After dinner, we got the same bus back to the apt and got ready for the night out.






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