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Top 3 Destinations Everybody should Visit in Dalmatia – by Alex Dragas

Nowadays in Croatia, for centuries the region known as Dalmatia was settled by the Romans, Illyrians, Austro-Hungarians, Slavs and Venetians, who all left a mark and influenced a lot in architectural and cultural heritage of the region. Dalmatia makes part of Croatia’s 3,600 miles of stunning coastline, and the most famous and most crowded by tourists year round – The Dalmatian Coast, stretches towards the southernmost region. Here expect to be thrilled by a spectacle of gorgeous beaches, idyllic islands, mountains and gushing pine forests – and also to be enchanted by the big city of Split, with its charming Roman ruins. Consequently, here are top 3 destinations everybody should visit in Dalmatia.


Split – is lounged around Diocletian’s Palace, an antique place that was built in the 3rd century as a retirement home for a Roman emperor. Confined within its old walls are a series of booming shops, bars and restaurants, a variety of cathedrals — and a bustling urban vibe. You’ll also love River promenade, a dashing new waterfront area meant for evening strolls. Look to enjoy an exclusive dinner setting, the very first of its kind with all your loved ones! Also worth knowing, Split airport although is rather small in size, it’s highly efficient and surrounded with numerous means of transportation such as bus, taxi and shuttle that leads you straight to the City.

zadar .jpg

Zadar – is an intriguing city and very unique from many, which boasts a historic old town immersed with Roman ruins, medieval churches, bustling cafes and epic museums lounged on a small peninsula. It’s not too crowded, and the alluring spectacle of the Sea Organ and Sun Salutation need to be experienced in person to be believed. Without a doubt, you’ll be awe-struck by the clever mix of ancient remnants, Habsburg elegance, surreal coastal setting and enchanting tower blocks – all of which that give Zadar so much praise and character. Look to enjoy superb ferry excursions to Kornati, exclusive dinner setting with savory food and wine, refreshing spas and Turkish bath, exquisite beach and more.


Dubrovnik – Also dubbed by many as “Pearl of the Adriatic” within this giant walled Old Town, you’ll find a bustling crowd, great beaches, enchanting museums, a striking mountaintop viewpoint and more. The old city is a protected UNESCO world heritage site and due to the place immense beauty and vast exploration, Dubrovnik has a fully-earned reputation as Croatia’s single and very best destination. In fact, the charm of Dubrovnik depends not just on the wide variety of many sights, but simply in walking along the very top of the city walls and visiting the morning food market normally held every day. A series of reinvigorating boat excursions found near Dubrovnik are also worth a splurge!

In summary, Dalmatia is a Mecca for beauty and it’s filled with avalanche of thrilling places and activities that are worth some splurging. To narrow down your search, above we’ve outlined some of the most mind-blowing top places that’s a must visit in Dalmatia. You can visit together with family, friends and loved ones anytime – and prepare to be thrilled by a charming spectacle of gorgeous beaches, idyllic islands, gushing pine forests, heartwarming walks and more. Evidently the splurge and spectacle to be experienced in Dalmatia is simply hard to resist – and there’s room for everyone!

– Guest Post by Alex Dragas




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