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Cool Hotels: Moxy at Milan Malpensa Airport

Back in March when I was travelling to Portugal, Easyjet suggested I reschedule my flight from Milan to Lisbon as I had about an hour at the airport and they thought I wouldn’t make it even with my carry on. Just to be safe, I picked another flight that was scheduled for the next day and then ended up having a layover at Milan Malpensa.

Moxy snack area.jpgMoxy room view.jpgMoxy hallway
Moxy room 250 bed.jpg

I looked at the airport hotels and via and booked 1 night at Moxy which was right outside the airport across the street. This little boutique hotel is super fun and hip. Every night they have a special thing going on at the reception bar. During the evening I was there, they had Tonight you are the Barman night, so you could make your own drinks.

Moxy bar 2.jpgMoxy bar.jpgMoxy interior.jpg

The very first thing you will notice as you step inside Moxy is the smell. The smell is amazing! The revolving door must have a motion sensor that mists out the scent as you step inside.

If you do decide to stay up a little later to socialize in the lobby, that’s cool, just keep in mind you may miss the early breakfast in the morning like I did. My room was super quiet, because I made a reservation under Business at the hotel, so I slept amazingly, and the bed is super comfy.

Moxy wall art.jpgMoxy view from entrance.jpgMoxy dining and social room.jpgMoxy typewriter

The staff members are super fun and friendly and pretty young. It’s super easy to talk to everyone and make fast friends here and almost impossible not to.

The ground floor at reception is separated in 2 areas. There is an Unplug Lounge where you can chill, read and work or play board games, and then there’s a more social area on the other side which is also the dining area, where it gets cheery and a little more loud during the evening hours. The Unplug lounge has tons of outlets for laptop chargers, so it’s perfect for those travelling for business that need to get some work done.

Moxy Unplug room 2.jpgMoxy Unplug room painting.jpgMoxy painting 2.jpgMoxy chill areaMoxy Unplug daytimeMoxy lounge day.jpgMoxy lounge day 2

When it was time for me to depart, I asked the receptionist if I could stick around for a couple of hours after my check out until my flight arrived, and they were absolutely cool with that.

I would highly recommend this hotel to anyone really and I’m definitely staying here again. If you book via you will also get some points for your booking as well as special offers in your inbox on hotel deals.





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