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Night 2: Breeze 10 Year Anniversary

It was Saturday night, but not just any Saturday. All the Summer Clubs were having their last end of the summer season celebration parties.

I got in touch with a friend of mine and asked her what she was doing and she got back to me later saying she is heading to Breeze, so we decided we would do that too. What I didn’t know at the time was that Breeze was having their 10 Year Anniversary celebration that night too.

It was time to get ready, do our make up and pick out our dresses. I did Annie’s make up which took some time and then my own.


Annie’s dresses

my dresses.jpg

My dresses

I wanted to wear the dress on the right, but in the evening I got bloated again, so later I picked the dress on the left instead.

our dresses.jpg

Our dresses: The original picks

dress selfie.jpg

Ready for the night 

After we got ready, we walked over to Breeze which was very close to our apartment. We were in VIP section which is really the best place to be at here. Both of us made new friends that night which was awesome! 🙂

Unfortunately after a couple of hours, I had such intense stomach pain, that I couldn’t really stand or sit anymore, so we walked back to the apartment. Everyone received a complimentary CD that night with a pretty cool playlist.

Breeze B and W.jpgBreeze us.jpgBreeze CD.jpg



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