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Day + Night 3: Beach, Sushi & Cocktails

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We slept in, had our regular large coffees and oatmeal for breakfast on the balcony at the apartment, and we started chatting….a chat that was still going on 4 hours later. We had to stop talking for a second so we can get out the door and get to the beach.

We picked out new bikinis for this beach day and since it was already getting late, we decided to walk over to a nearby beach. The rule was new beach every day so we continued with that.

Annie.jpgme.jpgsun kissed beach selfie.jpgwatersports .jpg

Annie said it was her wish to go jet skiing this summer and she hasn’t done that back in Ohio, so I told her not to worry about it, she can do that here.

After the beach we went to our apartment to shower and get ready for the evening. We walked over to the nearby restaurant again for some sushi. I didn’t wanna risk eating anything bad, since I’ve had stomach issues eating out. Our sushi was delicious! We both agreed that the Samurai Roll was the best one, and I took a photo of it from the menu for a future reference.

our sushi dinner 2.jpgsushi dinner.jpgsushi menu.jpg

After sushi, my brother picked us up and we headed over downtown to Lab where his fiancee was meeting us up for cocktails. Bro and I always pick the same drink everywhere, and we usually pick the best. Here, our fave is the Deluxe Sangria which is Port based and the spices accompanying this drink make it absolutely divine.

LAB B and W.jpgLAB.jpgLAB chandelier .jpgLAB chairs.jpgCheers.jpgPort Sangrias.jpgP and G.jpg

After cocktails we took a stroll downtown so Annie can get the idea of the area. The streets were really quiet and mostly empty since it was Sunday night. After that, we went back to the apartment to plan out our special Monday trip to Agia Napa.

we love techno.jpgBruce Lee.jpg











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