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Day + Night 8: Jet Ski + Rumours Friday

We found a water sport place that carries the kind of jet ski Annie prefers so we returned there so she can fulfill her summer wish of driving a jet ski. The place is called Force8 Watersports and the guy working there Tony is super awesome and friendly. Annie rented a sea doo jet ski and I took photos and videos while she was out in the water.

First Tony talked her about the jet ski and made sure she was comfortable and knew everything then she was on her own. She started of slow to warm up first, but then later she was driving that thing around like mad. I was definitely impressed by her jet ski skills.

After her drive, Tony let us use the beach beds which was super awesome! 🙂 We talked to him for a while about travels, his and ours. It was around that time that my energy started dropping, and because of this we ended up staying there chilling out all afternoon. After the beach we went back to the apartment to shower and get ready for the evening.

coffee shop breakfast.jpgmini church.jpgRussian Karaoke.jpgchill place.jpgthe beach.jpgMediterranean.jpgwater sports 2.jpgwater sports.jpgbeds 2.jpgbeds 3.jpgjet ski friday.jpgannie in water.jpgannie 2.jpgannie on jet ski.jpgannie.jpgFriday.jpgmy view.jpgannie 3.jpgme .jpgBW2

When Friday night arrived, I felt like I should be in bed resting. There was no doubt that I was getting sick. Staying in though was just not an option when I had just a little time left with my friend before she had to return to US.

We got ready and went back to Rumours across the street. This was a good night! 🙂 It was really busy and lively. However when we first got there, I didn’t think I would be able to stay – my energy was almost all gone. I couldn’t really stand, but this gentleman that works there found a seat for me and we got free drinks again and everything was all right. The music was great and it revived me.

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