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Day 9: Part 1 – Avdimou Bay & Pissouri Bay

On Saturday my parents were picking us up and we were going on an all day trip out west. I asked my mum to bring me over a fresh green smoothie so I can get better asap.

green smoothie

We started with a quick stop at Avdimou Bay first then we were off to Pissouri Bay. We made little mini videos throughout the day on most of our stops. ๐Ÿ™‚

ruins.jpgturtles.jpg3 chairs.jpgavdimou bay.jpg

VIDEO:ย Avdimou Bay

pissouri 2.jpgpissouri bay 2.jpgpissouri.jpgwater.jpgMediterranean .jpg

VIDEO:ย Above Pissouri Bay

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