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Day 9 Part 3: Pissouri Village, Aphrodite’s Rocks, Lunch at Kouklia Village

Next up we stopped by Pissouri Village and took a little walk then headed to Aphrodite’s Rocks. Legend says that this is the birthplace of the goddess Aphrodite and that’s why Cyprus is called the Island of Love. By now, we were all pretty hungry, so the next stop was lunch at Gabriel’s Tavern in Kouklia Village.

Pissouri Village

village church.jpgcrepesvillage street.jpgvillage 2.jpgvillage square.jpgvillage 3.jpgcute village.jpg

Aphrodite’s Rocks

aphrodites rocks.jpgaphrodites rocks 2.jpgMediterranean.jpgme.jpgrocks 3.jpgrocks 4.jpg

Lunch at Kouklia Village

house.jpgGabriel's Tavern.jpgmenu.jpgfood.jpgannie at lunch.jpgfood 2.jpgfood 3

our food.jpgtavern.jpg

VIDEO:Β Lunch at Gabriel’s Tavern in Kouklia Village






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