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A Little bit of Photography: B&W Scottsdale, AZ

I own a lot of photos. I love photography. Being able to capture something my eye is instantly drawn to and have a souvenir of it is pretty cool.

Here’s a little question for you. If we weren’t able to take photos, how much of what happened would we really remember? Photography is like music or like a piece of writing, in that sense that all 3 formats when revisited, have the power to transport us back to a particular place in time. The beauty and the magic of it is the duplicate feeling of total deja vu of how you felt at that particular moment being replicated all over once again.

I recall once saying the following: “My hard drive contains memories from all my past lives” – and it really does. I forget moments, events, and every now and then when I see particular photos and I’m taken back to that era in time, I start recalling what was going on, how I felt about the subject in the photo, the good, the bad, and then I sort of have new fresh take on the matter as well, since I’m always in a different place currently, which is the present.

I’m starting new series called A Little bit of Photography and I will be sharing photos in parts. These photos were all taken in Scottsdale, Arizona sometime between November 2011 and March 2012. Surprisingly just by looking at them, I remember all their exact locations and what I was doing at the time.

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