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Night 9: Rumours & 7 Seas + Day 10: La Isla

After our beautiful and busy day trip of sightseeing the West part of the island:

we went back to my place for dinner and then headed back to our Airbnb apt by the sea to get ready for our night out. Since I couldn’t wear this dress last weekend I had to wear it tonight. Oddly enough I was bloated again with same stomach issues from some food I ate, but that didn’t really matter because we were about to have a great, fun night out! 🙂

the dress.jpgdress selfie.jpg

We had so much fun at Rumours the night before, we decided to return and start the night there. Just like Friday night, the Saturday atmosphere at Rumours was absolutely amazing! We received complimentary drinks of our choice once again, so we tried some new cocktails this time. We were having such a good time here, we didn’t really want to leave but we had other plans.


My brother picked us up and we went over to 7 Seas where his fiancee Georgia was waiting for us. Annie was also meeting a friend from Nicosia. He had a table in the VIP section so we all ended up staying there.

We loved the music and danced until the club closed, which was around 3am. I ran into a couple of old friends from high school and introduced them to Annie. They then invited all of us to go to a different place where apparently everyone goes too after 7 closes, but with me being sick I had to pass.


Annie .jpgAnnie at 7 Seas.jpg7 Seas.jpgat 7 Seas.jpg

Sunday was our last full day together. We both had packing left, apartment cleaning and Annie had souvenir shopping, but before all of that, we went out for our last evening out. This time we visited La Isla and my brother joined us.

We ended up chatting for about 3 hours or so and enjoyed our last sunset together. Annie hasn’t eaten here before so she ordered salmon for dinner. By now my appetite was completely gone, so I just enjoyed a cocktail and of course me and bro ordered the same drink on the menu, as usual. It was so amazing to see Annie so happy – I wished that she could stay longer. Island life really suits her perfectly.


Burberry Marmalade.jpg

Burberry Marmalade

me .jpg

yummy cocktail.jpg

La Isla Captain

Salmon at La Isla.jpgour drinks.jpg

After drinks and dinner, we went souvenir shopping by our apartment. This is when I started getting intense shivers and I broke into a crazy fever soon after. The photo below was the last photo we took together. We bought souvenirs and went back to the apt to clean and pack.


Our wake up call was 5am. Mum came over to drop me off from the apt to the house, as I was sick and needed medicine and sleep. She then took Annie to the airport. I got some more sleep and then tracked all Annie’s flights to make sure she arrived back home safely. It felt amazing to be reunited with her again after 4 years. I sure hope we see each other again this year!

To read about our entire trip head over here. 🙂





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