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A Little Bit of Photography: B&W London

London was home for me from October 1st 2012 – June 14th 2014, so all London related photos besides my 10 Hour London Layover are taken during this period in time.

Below are photos from one of my favorite London tube stations & that’s the Liverpool Street Underground Station. This place is huge! You get a feeling like you are at an airport. There are tons of trains you can jump on from here and travel within different UK destinations.

Liverpool Street Station

If you are arriving in London via Stansted Airport you can take a train or coach directly to the Liverpool Street Station. Liverpool street station is located on the Central Line (Red Line) which will also take you to the following major points of interest:

  • Oxford Circus
  • Bond Street
  • Marble Arch
  • Notting Hill Gate

This station also has tons of shops and restaurants which is pretty awesome, as well as fresh fruit and flower stands. There are also some cool chocolate and coffee shops around too. My favorite coffee shop is the Caffe Nero right outside the station.

3 Liverpool Street Station.jpg

Liverpool Street Station is located in an awesome part of London and there are tons of cool local attractions worth checking out. Some of my faves are Shoreditch, Old & New Spitalfields Markets, Brick Lane Market on Sundays, Monument to the Great Fire of London (top floor observatory) and London Bridge of course. I will write about each of those in separate posts.

2 Liverpool Street Station4 Liverpool Street Station5 Liverpool Street Station.jpg

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