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So Why Is Western Australia So Appealing?

You all know I love the warmth of the sun more than the cold and the snow. I’ve always been drawn to hotter climes, so I’ve been thinking about some of the places I’ve yet to explore around the world. One place that continues to fascinate me is Western Australia. It’s known for being hot and dry, but it’s also a place well-known for extraordinary vacations. Not everyone gets a chance to head out to Australia, so I thought I’d let you know a few of its secrets here.

The land in Western Australia is thought to be very ancient and worn. This means the soil is largely infertile without the help of special farming techniques. Yet 2.6 million people have made this giant state their home, with the majority living in Perth.Perth is a vibrant city, even though it is quite small compared to some of the other major cities around the world. The southwestern coast enjoys a climate much like the Mediterranean which is really appealing to me!


Perth, Australia

There are lots of areas in Western Australia that are particularly attractive to those visiting. If you travel a little way south of Perth, you will find the small city of Mandurah. While it may be small in size and population, this little place packs a punch when it comes to attractions. It certainly is one of the hidden gems in Western Australia for those who live there full time too.

For all of you that love wildlife, Mandurah doesn’t disappoint. Dolphins are easy to spot off the coast, and there are plenty of tours and cruises to get you up close to these gorgeous animals. And who doesn’t want to spot a Kangaroo? Mandurah has a healthy population of these hoppy fellas, and they can frequently be seen around the towns.

If you love the sun, chances are you love the beach. Fortunately, much of the populated areas of Western Australia is situated right on the coast. You’re never far away from glorious sandy beaches like the Silver Sands beach in the Peel region. There is so much coast you are sure to find plenty of space to enjoy your day at the beach.

The Swan River leads you to Fremantle. It’s an old port town that features some of the best architecture Western Australia has to offer. This area is also famous for its fish restaurants and laid back attitude. Of course, it was originally famed for its prison. The prisoners themselves were forced to build it back in the earliest days of settlement. The area has also been hugely significant to the native cultures. It’s steeped in stories of their history.

There are hundreds of thousands of square miles of outback in this lonely state. Western Australia is a special place, perhaps because it is so sparse. If you’re hoping to snorkel, or explore the outback, be sure to get some local guidance. Both can be very dangerous, and both have protected areas that shouldn’t be disturbed by tourists. Western Australia seems like a hugely enticing place to visit. When will you go?







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