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Living life to the fullest in Queenstown

Photo: Queenstown Harbour by Paul Balfe

Looking like a small town from afar, Queenstown or Tāhuna in its Māori name is a complete show-off given its surrounding indigo heights that are framed around by the meandering curves of Lake Wakatipu. The small New Zealand city wears its Global Adventure Capital badge proudly by offering every visitor extreme sports and activities they can try here.

Last year, Queenstown remained to be the number of regional centre in the country as international traveller expenditure made a record-breaking 25% surge. Perhaps, it has helped that the city is known for the Lord Of The Rings territory, where a number of film-related tours are offered to visitors.

city skyline.jpg

Photo: Gondola and Luge Track in Queenstown, NZ by Morgan Burke

Whether you are visiting the small NZ city for a while or for good, here are some ways on how you can make the most of your stay in this adventure packed destination.

Plan where to stay

There are plenty of great choices for accommodation in the popular city of New Zealand. In fact, Queenstown sets a high standard in luxury budget accommodation that offers amazing views, high quality, and a central location near the top destinations in the area.

Some affordable hotels that are ideal for short-stay visitors are the Goldridge Resort Colonial Village Motel, and the Orchard Cottage, which will make you feel like your home away from home. It’s the perfect place to stay with your family, especially if you are travelling with small kids who often feel homesick.

There are also lakefront hotels and resorts where the whole family can take a dip from spa pools, such as the Copthorne Hotel and Resort.

Get insured

Since you plan to embark on an adventure trip to Queenstown, make sure you and your family are insured with a comprehensive travel plan that covers the extreme sports you plan to try here. Although some credit card may offer free travel insurance, it’s best to know the type of coverage it can extend to you. Take note that those top-end cards are commonly the ones that only offer free insurance coverage in exchange of a higher annual fee.

If you, however have free coverage from your credit card provider, it can be a nice handy perk, just make sure you have asked some important questions about the free travel insurance, such as “Are all family members covered?” “Am I covered for domestic and international holidays?” and “Does the policy provide enough cover for your valuables?” Otherwise, it might help to get a more comprehensive plan to ensure you are fully covered on your trip.

Boydtown, Queenstown

Photo: Boydtown, Queenstown by GeorgeC_tw

Things to do

With so many activities you can do in Queenstown, it can be quite overwhelming to plan your trip in this magical and small city in New Zealand. To give you an insight, here are some must try activities on your trip to Queenstown:

  • Hiking up Bob’s Peak where you can get an overlooking view of the entire city. The skyline complex will take experienced hikers 45 to 60 minutes, so make sure you’re physically fit as steps can be very steep.
  • Ride the Gondola if you want to go up around Bob’s Peak less strenuously. For $32 NZD, you can ride the cable car or known as Gondola in NZ, which is only a few dollars less if you hike up the steep peak ($20 NZD).
  • Bungy jump your way down the mountains by trying the New Zealander A.J. Hackett invented commercial bungy. There are several spots where you can try it from, one adjacent to Bob’s Peak and the other one in Kawarau. The most exciting one is nearly 450 feet above the Nevis river and can be found 45 minutes outside of town.
  • Take a walk through Queenstown Gardens for some relaxing sightseeing with the family or perhaps play some Frisbee golf. From here you will get a great view of the town and Queenstown’s well preserved mountains.

Queenstown is an exhilarating city to visit, far from the usual busy noise of the metropolitan area. Instead of high-rise buildings, it welcomes visitors with high mountains and serene waters – perfect surroundings to try extreme sports for adventurous travelers.


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