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Three Fun Ways Of Travelling Around The USA

Route 66, The East Coast and Yellowstone Country Park are all famous American travel locations. These locations are known to people all over the world, but what is the best way of travelling to these sites? See our selections below, to help you make the right travel choice for your American trip.

By bike

One of the most fun ways of travelling around America is to do so by bike. Many people choose a motorbike for this adventure. The type of bike you pick will depend on your skill level and personal taste. You could go for a performance bike or an American classic, like the iconic Harley-Davidson Low Rider. This particular bike has featured in lots of films and TV shows. So, if you feel like you want to absorb as much American culture as possible, choose this option! Just imagine cruising along the highway, with the wind blowing your hair! You could even get a leather jacket and bandana to go with it!

Another way of biking around America is to go on a cycling tour. You can cycle from city to city. But as remember America is so big, the cities do tend to be a long distance from each other. If you are looking for a lesser challenge, how about a cycle tour of a city? It’s a great way of seeing all the famous landmarks and experiencing some of the culture first hand. Also, it’s not just American cities, that are offering cycle tours either, see here for an article about my Barcelona ride.

By Bus

Some people choose to use a bus to travel across America. It is a very cost effective option, and there are a range of buses available.  One of the most well known is the Greyhound Bus. These buses run through towns and cities all across America. Another option is to use sites like Shofur to book a ticket on a bus. You are even able to hire an entire bus if you are travelling with a large group. Perfect for school or club trips.

In a Motorhome

Lastly, one of the most popular ways of travelling across America is to hire a motorhome. Motorhomes come in all shapes and sizes and can be a fun way of exploring the USA.  If you are doing the East Coast to West Coast route, there are places where you can pick up a motorhome at one end and drop it off at the other.

Picking a motor home will be a matter of group size and budget. You could choose a large luxury option, which could include a hot tub and entertainment system. If you are making a shorter journey, you might want to save some money getting a more basic option.

One of the most fun things about using a motorhome to travel across America is that you can stop at campsites and break up your journey. All you have to do is attach the sanitation pipes and the power cables, and you have a nice little home away from home, even in the American wilderness. With a motorhome, you get to set your own travel schedule and see the things that are important to you.  You can even make impromptu stops if you come across one of America’s many road side entertainments.



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