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How To Stay In Touch With Relatives When You’re Travelling

Whether you’re travelling alone or with friends, I’m sure you will want to keep in touch with family members back home. And they will want to hear from you to make sure you’re safe too.

Think of the Costs in Advance

There can be pretty big costs attached to keeping in touch with people when you’re travelling. If you want to use your phone, then you should pay special attention to costs. Things like roaming charges can cost massive amounts. And if you use your internet connectivity in another country, the price of this can be massive as well. It’s best not to use your phone’s 4G ability unless you’re in your own country. There are plenty of other ways to connect to the internet, so it’s not necessary. There’s nothing worse than coming home after a great trip and being greeted by an unexpected bill from the phone company.

Use the Internet

The internet is a great tool to take advantage of when you’re travelling. You will need to use it carefully though. Many people make the mistake of letting everyone know where they are by posting updates on social media. This can be a good idea, but make sure that you make your profile private first. You don’t want random strangers knowing where you are and who you’re with at all times. That’s especially important if you’re alone, travelling in a country that you don’t really know very well. Video calls can be very useful as well. Use the cheapest Skype credits for reload that you can find. Then you will be able to use them wherever you are and wherever you want to call.


Start a Blog

Another good way to make the most of the internet when you’re travelling is to set up a blog. This allows you to track your journey and share it with people who care back home. They will be able to read your posts and stay in the loop. It’s a great way of sharing information with lots of relatives and friends without having to get in contact with them all individually. You should treat the blog with caution though, just as you should with social media. It’s a good idea to leave a few days between posting what you did. That way, it’s not possible for anyone to follow you on your journey.


Send Photos

Sometimes, when you’re out exploring the world, you don’t really have the time to be making phone calls. You have other things that you want to be doing, and your family back home will understand that. But you still want to share your journey with them and let them know you’re okay. So, when you don’t have time to post on your blog or make a video call, why not send a quick photo. Attaching a photo of where you are and what you’re doing to an email is so easy. They will be able to see the fun that you’re having, and they won’t have to worry about you. It’s a quick solution to the problem, so use it.



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