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Why The Kimberley is Australia’s Hidden Gem

Holidaying in Australia is something that really does reward the passionate traveler. Every country in the world has its attractions, but in Australia your wanderlust will be rewarded in spades. There is much to see and do in the cities, but for people who travel in the hope of seeing something remarkable, it’s once you step into the wilder country that things get special.

If you aren’t Australian, then it can be easy to think of the country as Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Brisbane and Outback. Easy, but unfair. The less beaten track deserves more than to be condensed just “the Outback”. One of its most remarkable areas, the Kimberley, is filled with delights you should definitely sample.

If you are someone who appreciates natural beauty, then the Kimberley has everything. It’s one of those perfect holiday experiences. Listed below are some of the reasons you’ll never regret visiting.

  1. The Horizontal Waterfalls

Horizontal Waterfalls

Nicknamed the “Horries”, these are a stunning natural phenomenon. Described by no less an authority than David Attenborough as one of the natural wonders of the world, the Horries are found in the McLarty ranges. When the tide changes, the direction of the falls reverses. It’s really quite something to see.

2. Staircase To The Moon

Staircase to the Moon















Visitors to Broome will be rewarded for staying a night by this quirk of nature. As a full moon rises over the exposed flats of Roebuck Bay, something amazing happens. The reflection of the moon on the flats creates an optical illusion that looks like a staircase rising up. Best of the Kimberley can help you organise your Broome holidays so that you don’t miss this natural wonder.

3. Purnululu National Park

Purnululu National Park.jpg

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the vast Purnululu will contain something for everyone. It’s a trip you will remember for some time, and one that brings you right up close to nature. The Park itself is surrounded by acres of conservation land.

It is also home to the Bungle Bungle ranges, a set of beehive-shaped rock formations. Due to their composition and the weathering they have undergone they have taken on a black and orange striped appearance. Standing at over 250 metres tall, they really are a breathtaking scene.

4. Dampier Peninsula

Dampier Peninsula

To the North of Broome and Roebuck Bay you will find this area of outstanding natural beauty. Rich in Aboriginal culture, the whole area is home to stunning attractions. These include pearl farm visits and cultural tours. The stunning Cape Leveque, best accessed in a rugged vehicle designed for tricky roads, is also a must see.

If you’re going to travel to Australia, by all means the cities are an integral part to visit, but believe me, you’ll be kicking yourself forever if you visit the country and don’t take in the Kimberley. The above are just four of the remarkable aspects of the area. There are enough to fill several pages more, and you may find yourself discovering unexpected wonders almost by accident.




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