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Awesome Water Parks Around The World Which Should Be On Your Bucket List!

Going to a waterpark is a brilliant thing to do during your holiday. If the weather is hot, then it’s a fun way to cool off in the sun. There are so many amazing water parks around the world you should visit. Here are a few awesome ones which should be on your bucket list!

Aquaventure Waterpark in Dubai 

If you are head to Dubai, you need to check out the Aquaventure Waterpark. It’s one of the top rated water parks on TripAdvisor. It’s so much fun as there are so many unique water rides you will want to try. You should also try one of the great zip lines across the park.

If you are feeling brave, you should try one of the slides which go through a shark-filled lagoon! If you fancy relaxing after the water rides, there is also a pristine beach to chill out on.

Aquaventure Dubai

Aquaventure. The Atlantis, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Sunway Lagoon Water Theme Park in Malaysia

Another awesome water park that should be on your bucket list is the Sunway Lagoon Water Theme Park, which is situated in Malaysia. You can explore this award winning-water park in Malaysia and find plenty of rides you will want to go on. It’s home to the world’s largest water ride which is named The Vuvuzela! It also has a 5D waterplexx cinema experience and the FlowRider, which is Malaysia’s only surf simulator. The Water theme park also has a Surf Beach which is one of the world’s large man-made beaches!

Sunway Lagoon Malaysia

Tropical Islands in Germany

You also need to add Tropical Islands Resort in Germany to your bucket list as it’s an awesome water park you will want to visit. It’s situated close to the capital Berlin, so you can go sightseeing once you have finished in the water park. The water park is named the largest indoor water park in the world. The park has a tower ride and plenty of slides to go on. There are also some amazing shows to watch, and it also boasts the biggest indoor rainforest in the world for you to visit.

Tropical Islands Germany

Aquatica in Florida

Another water park you should definitely be visiting is Aquatica in Florida. The park which is situated in Orlando has two wave pools and a water slide which lets you go through a dolphin-filled aquarium! There is also a white sandy beach to chill out on after you try all the rides. As this feature reveals, there is also a garden with over 60,000 plants for you to take a look at. 

Aquatica Florida.jpg

Siam Park in Tenerife

You should also make sure you include Siam Park in Tenerife on your bucket list as it’s one of the most awesome water parks in the world. If you love wave machines, the water park boasts the highest waves of any wave pool in the world at an impressive 10 feet. You should also try out the Tower of Power slide which goes through tanks with sharks and stingrays. Find out more about the water park here.

These parks are great for thrill-seekers who are looking for some water fun on their travels. Remember to find some excellent accommodation close to the water parks, so that you can go there every day. 

Video: Siam Park Tenerife



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