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Weird and Wonderful Australian Activities That You Won’t Want To Miss

Many people go to Australia for the surfing, sun and sand lifestyle, but there is much more to experience in this magical land than that. Read on to find out where the weirdest and most wonderful things this country has to offer are and why you should pay them a visit.

Kolas and Kangaroos

There is plenty to see for animal lovers is Oz. Australia is known for its extensive and unusual wildlife, in particular, its marsupial population. After the kangaroo, koalas are probably Australia’s most famous marsupials. Marsupials are hot blooded animals like mammals. But unlike mammals, once their young are born they remain in a pouch on the creature body until they reach a certain stage of maturity. But did you know that Dreamworld on the Gold Coast has a blue eyed one that you can see? Go pay him a visit!

Coober Pedy

Whether this strange Australian town is more famous for the opals that it mines or the fact that that it is all underground is a mystery. It definitely worth a visit, though, as you can see people’s, homes, stores and even a church all carved out of the rock to escape the heat.

Kimberly Cruise


The Kimberley is one of the most beautiful areas in Western Australia. Its covered in lush forest and historical sights like dinosaur tracks. A fun and usual way of touring the area is by boat. Kimberley Cruises from Broome, Kimberley & Beyond offer several packages for you to try. Take a water fall safari or fishing trip! No matter what it is you want to see in this area, there will be something for you.

Bush Walk

Of course, Australia is also famous for its wide expanses of bush land. Although tourists might not think of venturing there alone, a guided walk is an exciting and enlightening activity. Walk the old trails with a native guide who will explain how to search for food, what to eat and what to stay away from. They will also give you the low down on the history and background of their culture.



If you get a hankering for something a bit more modern and sci-fi, then why not try the Wycliffe Well in Davenport? There you can find the Ozzy alternative to area 51 in Roswell USA. The sightings started at the end of world war two and had continued ever since. So if you are a believer, Wycliffe is definitely a place that you should try and get to during your trip.

Coffee Machine

Another more modern wonder of Australia’s is the world’s largest coffee machine in Melbourne. Based in the Amanti Coffee factory, this espresso machine clocks in at almost 2 meters in length! That’s not an excuse to drink more than you usually do, though, remember espresso is the strongest of all the coffee brews!

Ularring Sculptures

In the sometimes wet, sometimes dry bed of Lake Ballard, there are 51 abstract sculptures spanning over a 4-mile radius. These were installed in 2003 and are know as Inside Australia. They are a tribute to Australia’s native and aboriginal cultures created by the British artist Sir Antony Gormley, 30 miles from the nearest town, it is well worth the drive out to see them. They will remain for the foreseeable future as both tribute and a tourist attraction.


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