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Canada’s Maritime Provinces – Three Hidden Gems To The North!

A lot of people in the US, when planning holidays, will stay rigidly within the nation. They might hop across by a few states or all the way across the country. They may stay in their home state. Or others may take the very opposite approach and fly half-way across the world. A lot of people don’t take into account that there’s a very solid destination just to the North, in Canada. Perhaps because people describe Canada as “very solid”. That can’t help.

The cliched vision of Canada as being somewhere reliable but unexciting has been allowed to persist for too long. The fact of the matter is that there is always something going on, the country itself is rich and varied. Each city has its own strong identity, from the French sophistication of Quebec to metropolitan Toronto. But if you want to see Canada in its untamed, most Canadian form, there’s fun to be had in its Maritime provinces.

New Brunswick

Grand Falls New Brunswick.jpg

You could certainly refer to New Brunswick as being a province with plenty of variety. Moncton is its main city, and while quieter than the above named cities, it has plenty of shops and other attractions. Check out the Magnetic Hill, where vehicles in neutral roll uphill! Hop to St. John, where the Irving Nature Park is a perfect place to take in the great outdoors. And hike the Fundy Trail in St. Martin’s before getting back to a hotel like the Amsterdam Inn & Suites for a well earned rest.

Prince Edward Island


If your heart is set on a “get away from it all” break, then Prince Edward Island is a perfect place to drop anchor. It is Canada’s smallest province by some distance, and the pace of life here is relaxed without being too sleepy. You’ll find plenty to do here, with the Confederation Centre of the Arts to exercise your brain and many beaches and parks for the body. And in the evening, take your pick of the many bars and restaurants before turning in.

Nova Scotia


If nature is your bag, then you can’t go far wrong with a voyage to Nova Scotia. Its name in Latin means “New Scotland” due to the original Scottish settlers. Wherever you are in Nova Scotia, you’re never more than 42 miles from the sea. Seal colonies, puffins, and other sea life are a major part of the attraction. Extreme sports fans will relish the opportunity for some kayaking.

Shellfish, such as famous Nova Scotia lobster and scallops, are local delicacies. Also to be enjoyed are the delicious wild blueberries and thick oatcakes (just perfect with hot coffee!). At night, before heading back to the hotel, why not sample from the local craft breweries’ wide range of beers?

There’s a lot of Canada to see. Make the best of your trip by taking in more than one site, but if you do find yourself wanting to stay awhile longer in any province, I can’t say I blame you!





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