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Would You Swap Your Home For A Life On The Road?

For some people, there comes a time in their lives where they are fed up of routine. They want to do something different for a change, and they no longer wish to feel like they are part of the rat race.

One of the obvious ways to give up on routine is to go traveling. As you can imagine, most people don’t have enough savings to fund year long road trips. To cover their expenses, they usually work while they travel.

On the plus side, they don’t have to get depressed working the same boring job for years. Every role they do is temporary, and they can spend their pay visiting all kinds of interesting sights.

As you can imagine, the lure of the road is too strong for many of us to avoid. But, would you be prepared to give up your home and have a life on the road? Here are some of the pros and cons of doing so:

Pro: You get to live anywhere you want

When you lead a “conventional” lifestyle, you have to find a house or apartment to live in. Not so for those that wish to lead a more nomadic lifestyle! That’s because you have the advantage of living wherever you want at a moment’s notice.

You don’t have to wait a month or more before you can leave. That gives you more freedom and flexibility to adjust your travel plans to suit your needs.

Con: You might miss your friends and family

When you have a life on the road, those that are closest to you might not be just a few minutes’ away. In fact, it could take you days to reach them, depending on where you are. Still, if you prefer a life of solitude, that might actually be a pro for you instead of a con.

Pro: You can travel in style and luxury

Some folks assume a life on the road means slumming it in a tent on some muddy fields somewhere. The truth is, one can enjoy leading even a luxurious lifestyle while traveling. For instance, places like Chesapeake RV Solutions let you buy all kinds of luxury motor homes.

If money is tight, you could even buy an old van and make it more luxurious as you build up some cash. You could even make do with a premium car like a BMW and stay in luxurious accommodation if you wish!

Con: You can’t be a hoarder

Let’s face it. When you’re out traveling for several months or more, you’ve got limited storage potential. It doesn’t matter if you travel in a small compact or a large RV. Don’t think you can buy lots of stuff and keep it like you would in a house. So, if you’re a hoarder by nature, a life on the road might not be for you.

Pro: You get to make new friends

Last, but not least, a life on the road doesn’t have to mean a lonely one. Sure you’ll have some friends back at home, but when you’re out and about, you’ve got the potential to make new ones as you travel.

The benefit of that is you could have friends in virtually every state or country that you visit! So, if you fancied a trip to Yellowstone, for example, you could meet up with your new friends from Wyoming!


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