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The UK Getaway

Planning a trip to the UK can be a big step – it can even take a lot of time to do if you’re living there. There is so much to explore, so many sights to see, but the beauty of it is is that it’s all on a relatively small island and is very accessible by multiple transport networks. You can drive absolutely anywhere; it may take a bit of time to get from Lands End to John O’Groats, but it is doable. This is something that you would have to take weeks to dedicate to in the United States, but it takes only a couple of days at a push in the United Kingdom.

Choose where you want to go

There are four whole countries to choose from in the United Kingdom – England, Northern Ireland, Wales and Scotland. Each has their own different culture, and even their own languages (Welsh, Irish and Scottish Gaelic, Manx, Cornish just to name a few…). Don’t worry – you only need to know English to get by in each country. Make a list of the sights that you want to see in each country, and try and see which ones are grouped together. For example, in London there are some main sights within a few minutes of each other – take Trafalgar Square and Buckingham Palace for example – whereas other attractions such as Stonehenge are miles out from anything else unless you want to have a look around some national parks.

Look for recommendations

Always look for different things to do. It’s one thing going round and taking in something visually, but there are many places that offer experiences as well. You could go rambling, canoeing, hang-gliding – the world is your oyster as long as you do some proper research on a touring website into where you want to go and what you want to get from it. The best recommendations you can get are from locals to the place you want to go – don’t base it on the most popular places that tourists go to (they’re only ever going to the same places again and again, so of course the reviews are going to grow in popularity). Find some local websites and ask those who have lived in and around the area for their own personal recommendations. You may just be surprised at what crops up.

Pack the essentials

It really doesn’t matter what time of the year you are visiting Great Britain – you will need to pack for any and every type of weather that you can think of. Certain cities like Manchester have their own microclimate (Manchester’s tends to be rainy), but the rest of the land is there to be snowed on, rained on and shined on at a moment’s notice. You could find yourself wearing wellington boots in the middle of the summer (especially if you find yourself at Glastonbury Festival!) or needing to take off layers in November. Make sure you’re ready for whatever the weather throws at you.



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