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Unique things to do during travels in the US

A lot of people decide to visit the US as there is so much to see and do. In fact, it often makes traveller’s bucket list as a must-do. And one way to get around and see everything is via car. So many people opt to go on a road trip which means it’s easier to get to different places in the amazing country. Of course, there are some obvious things you might want to do while you are in the states. For example, visiting top places like New York, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles often makes the list. But if you want to have a unique experience, here are some less obvious things which you need to do to have a fantastic time.

See where it all began in Philadelphia

When you say ‘Philadelphia’, a lot of people might think about the cream cheese you get from the supermarket! But Philadelphia is, in fact, one of the most important places in American history. In fact, a lot of people state it’s where America began. It’s where the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution first was created. You can visit the Independence Hall and get some photos of where history was made. And as well as this, Philadelphia has a tonne of other great things to do. For one thing, you can dine in one of the top-rated restaurants, and if art is your thing, you will love going to the beautiful museum of art.

Stop for a wine trail in Missouri

I love a glass of wine or two in the evenings, and there’s nothing better than indulging in the beverage while you are travelling. In fact, you might want to consider doing some form of a trail when you are travelling in the US to get to experience the different wineries and find a new favourite wine that you can consume while you are on your travels. One place which is renowned for its wine is Missouri. And there are many wine trails here that you might want to join. For example, the Hermann Wine Trail is seven wineries that you can visit and enjoy many wine styles while soaking in the history. It will definitely make a part of your trip that you won’t forget. Just don’t forget to book a hotel close by that you stay in after you have had your fill of the booze.

Go to a rodeo while in Texas

You might not have ever got to experience a rodeo before. Of course, you may have seen them on the TV or in movies and you might have tried one of those robotic bulls at parties, but a proper rodeo is something else! Therefore, while you are on your travels in the US, you should attend a rodeo in Texas. After all, it’s a wild evening you definitely won’t forget! You can find some of the biggest in places like Austin and San Antonio. But for something a bit more unique, head to one of the small towns for a show with the cowboys that will be very memorable!

And for some further tips on making your road trip in the US a success, make sure you read my previous blog.


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