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The Most Amazing Places In The World For Watersports!

Everybody should try watersports at least once, and what better way to try it out than by doing it at one of the most renowned places for it? Whether you’re an amateur or a bit of a pro, you’re going to want to pay attention to the following places. Take a look and see where you’d like to visit!

Cape Verde

Cape Verde is ideal for watersports thanks to the sea breeze coming off the coast of Africa. It’s a gorgeous temperature and the conditions are usually just right for things like kite surfing, wind surfing, and diving.  


Maui in Hawaii is a true paradise. There’s so much more to do here than just watersports, so it’s great for those who want a trip full of fun and incredible things to see. You can spend your time snorkeling around coral reefs, whale watching, and even spotting a few dolphins while you’re at it. Maui is the spiritual home of surfing, so it’s the perfect place to get started.  


Tenerife is a popular holiday destination for families, but some don’t realize that it’s one of the most perfect places for watersports. Here you get amazing conditions along with the rest of the canary islands, so you can have fun whatever you decide to do. Maybe you’ll check out the marine life or spend some time paddleboarding. You can also go wind surfing and kite surfing. Not forgetting Siam park, one of the biggest water parks in Europe! If you’re traveling with family, make sure you pay Siam park a visit for an exciting day out that really makes a splash.  

Western Australia

Western Australia is so good as it has 20,000 km of coastline for you to enjoy. This makes it ripe for all kinds of different watersports. Make sure you take your best inflatable stand up paddle board if you really want to enjoy the water! Visit Margaret River too, as it’s the best big wave destination you’ll find out there. Surfing is very popular, but always make sure you follow surf etiquette. You need to make sure that you don’t steal somebody else’s wave, and that you’re surfing in a place fit for your ability.

The Caribbean

The Caribbean is gorgeous, and body boarding is one of the best activities to try here. The Cayman Islands is particularly beautiful with some of the best waves you’ll ever experience. Looking out over the spectacular tropical seas make it even more exciting.


Diving and snorkeling is a great activity in Egypt. The Red Sea is one of the greatest dive spots in the world with colorful marine life, the most vibrant you’ll see anywhere! You don’t just have to stick to diving though, there are an abundance of activities you can try in Egypt.

There are so many more incredible spots for watersports too, whether you want to travel just down the road or halfway across the world. Do yourself a favor and add a few of these places to your bucket list! Which one will you visit next? Leave your thoughts and comments below.



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